Your Shipping Guide

United States of America

  • 5-13 working days 


  • 4-8 working days 
  • 5-13 working days 
  • 5-13 working days 
  United Kingdom
  • 5-13 working days 
 New Zealand
  • 5-13 working days 
 Rest of the world
  • 5-18 working days  

These are estimated times, in rare cases, the real shipping times might vary a little bit.

Processing time

Please allow up to 3 days of dispatching time, before your order ships out & you will be provided a tracking number via email (in reality your order will be shipped out earlier, the tracking number needs some time to be registered).

Need help?

If you need help with anything (orders, changing addresses or colors, etc..), don't hesitate to contact our customer support at